Letícia Baddauy

Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Italian, French
Country: Brazil
Membership Grade: FCIArb

Graduated in Law (São Paulo State University) and in Business (Getúlio Vargas Foundation). MBA in Agribusiness (São Paulo State University). Master in Civil Procedure (Londrina State University). Certificated in Negotiation by Harvard Law School. Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, researching gender equality in Brazilian State Courts.


Professor of Arbitration and ADRs at Londrina State University.

Director of Arbitration at the Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration in Agribusiness (CAMAGRO). Member of the Arbitration in Agribusiness studies group at the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr)

Member of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr) group of Diversity and member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of Alumni Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Business School

Founding partner of L. Baddauy Advocacia (law firm).

Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrator (London-UK), the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators, and the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of New Zealand. Coordinator of the Agribusiness Committee of the Brazilian branch of CIArb.