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Membership of CIArb demonstrates that a person has reached a high standard of excellence and proficiency in dispute avoidance and dispute management and further signifies that they have a strong commitment to professionalism, esteemed values and integrity.

There are many types of membership and you can upgrade it as your ADR experience develops.

Membership in the Brazil Branch is automatic for all members of CIArb located in Brazil or for those that show interest in joining our Branch.

Student membership is completely free and open to anyone currently studying at a university or other higher education institute.

Whether you are new to ADR or have some prior experience or knowledge find the right route to membership for you


Six-months’ experience in dispute avoidance or dispute management.


Five-years’ experience in arbitration, construction adjudication or mediation in a lead/sole capacity; including settlement agreements, the management of proceedings, and attending hearings which have resulted in the publication of a reasoned award or decision


10-years’ experience in arbitration, construction adjudication, or mediation in a lead/sole capacity. A knowledge of law and experience of writing directions and final, reasoned awards or mediation agreements, and documents related to arbitration and mediation proceedings

A Chartered Arbitrator is a Fellow of CIArb who has demonstrated to a peer interview panel an advanced knowledge of arbitration.