CIArb Guidelines on jurisdictional challenges: a practical perspective and its relevance for Brazilian domestic arbitrations

Created in London in 1915, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is an international centre for the practice and profession of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Based across 149 countries, supported by an international network of 42 branches and with over 17,000 members, it provides education and training for arbitrators, mediators and adjudicators worldwide. Since middle-2019, Brazil has its own branch promoting the debates of ADR also in a cross-cultural and national-basis, supporting the development of international arbitration and assisting with CIArb activities in other countries of South America.

The CIArb has a series of guidelines related to arbitration, which serve to promote harmony and uniformity in the practice of these proceedings. Overall, there are 13 guidelines, which deal with several subjects and provide valuable guidance to the players of arbitration. Although not mandatory, they provide useful and refined approaches in key issues regarding arbitration and stimulates the efficiency of the proceedings.

Christian Carbajal Valenzuela FCIArb
Izabela Moriggi Costa

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