Online Introduction To ADR

CIArb’s Introduction to ADR course provides a solid understanding of alternative dispute resolution methods to court proceedings, or “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. Disputes can arise in almost any industry. Whatever your career path, knowing what ADR is, the skills associated with it, and the various processes involved will be beneficial. You may be considering a career […]

Online Introduction To Mediation

Discover more about the growing field of mediation through this introductory course. Mediation is an exponentially growing discipline and is now one of the main viable alternatives for many disputes, due to the increasing pressure on court systems and the search for greater speed within dispute resolutions. If you are new to mediation or want […]

Virtual Introduction To Construction Adjudication

Efficient and simple, dispute adjudication is an alternative method to the judiciary that is widely used in the construction industry to resolve conflicts. This online course provides an understanding of the general principles about the topic, as well as its relationship to other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. It is a course for those who […]